Download HSM Performance Pack

The latest version of HSM Performance Pack supports Mastercam versions X9, 2017 and 2018. A valid license is required to run HSM Performance Pack and a time limited trial license can be aquired by filling out the Request Free Trial form. If you are experiencing problems with the installation, please read the FAQ or contact your local reseller.

Release NotesVersion Archive
  • Add missing Facing defaults
  • Add missing Project defaults
  • Add missing Parallel defaults
  • Add missing Radial defaults
  • Add missing Spiral defaults
  • Add missing Scallop defaults
  • Add missing Adaptive defaults
  • Add missing Contour defaults
  • Add missing Pocket defaults
  • Add missing Horizontal defaults
  • Add missing strings to localization
  • Fix helix filtering by flipping the parameter
  • Fix reinstall message in generation log
  • Remove finishing tab from beta mode for Scallop
  • Add Hybrid icon
  • Add fixed and automatic angle options to Parallel shallow method
  • Improving backwards compatibility
  • Update operation handling using new operation manager
  • #1536 Add steep areas parameters to Parallel
  • #1753 Add checkbox that enables outer radius for Radial and Spiral
  • #1902 Save shallow method parameter properly
  • #1872 Add shallow passes parameters to Hybrid contour passes
  • #1536 Add steep parameters to beta
  • #1881 Add support for "maximum segment length" in 5-axis tilt.
  • #1838 Rename "Fan distance" to "Tilt smoothing distance".
  • #1749 Load resource dll when loading tool from library
  • #1863 and #1886 Add milling type for shallow areas as well as Spiral and From Inside when using Scallop
  • #1869 Add machining angle to Parallel shallow option
  • #1878 Add countact boundary support to Hybrid
  • #1879 Add Tilt and Trimming holder modes
  • #1880 Add rest material tab to Hybrid strategy
  • #1885 Disable perpendicular fill when autoangle is enabled
  • #1892 Fix improper dirtying of operations
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed #1425, #1882.
    • Fixed #1873. Fixed missed last lead-out and retract in Hybrid strategy.
    • Fixed #1878. Supporting contact boundaries in Hybrid.
    • Fixed #1823. Improved ordering for Parallel/Radial/Spiral.
    • Fixed Scallop gouges from test farm.
    • Fixed some bugs related to Scallop boundaries.
    • Bug fixes and improvements for Scallop center passes.
    • Various fixes and improvements for Hybrid strategy.
    • Fixed some bugs/gouges in Scallop found by test farm.
    • Improved points distribution for Scallop (extra points on lines #1644).
    • Fixed possible gouges for lead-in/out when trim for holder is enabled.
    • Various fixes and improvements for Hybrid strategy.
    • Fixed #1901.
    • Fixed some gouges for Scallop with bull/flat tools.
    • Fixed and improved ordering for Hybrid strategy.
    • Fixed not even steps for shallow areas in Contour3D for some cases.
    • Fixed leaks and other issues in lead-in/out in some special cases.
    • Fixed issues with slope angles for tools with small corner radius.
    • Fixed not working 5-axis tilt for Hybrid strategy.
    • Fixed #1872. Shallow areas support in Hybrid strategy.
    • More precise slice for bull tool with enabled slope angles or flat areas.
    • Fixed potential crash in Hybrid strategy.
    • Fixed #1536. New parameters for steep areas in Parallel.
    • Improved performance for ordering in Hybrid strategy.
    • Improved ordering for Hybrid strategy.

Please keep a local copy of the installation in case you need to reinstall HSM Performance Pack at a later time. To install HSM Performance Pack you need to have administrator rights on your Windows installation. Please see our Install Guide here.

After installation is complete, we recommend that you add the commonly used HSM Performance Pack functions to your Mastercam toolbar. See our FAQ on how to do this.

The last installed or repaired version of HSM Performance Pack will be active for the Mastercam versions that are supported.


CIMCO License Manager CIMCO License Manager x64
CIMCO License Manager is a generic license manager which provides support for floating licenses on a local area network.

The license manager requires a floating license and only permanent licenses for Mastercam NetHASPs are issued as floating licenses. CIMCO License Manager is not needed for temporary/trial licenses even when bound to NetHASPs.