Installation Guide

Here are some easy steps to install the HSM Performance pack.

Step 1

Download the installer from the download section.

Step 2

Run the installer. First step is to read the License Agreement and accept the terms.

Next, press install to start the installation.

And we’re done.

Step 3

Launch Mastercam. Right click the ribbon and select “Customize the Ribbon”.

Now select “All tabs” from the drop-down on the right.

Select the “Toolpaths” group and click “New Group”,

Now click “Rename” and enter “HSM Performance Pack”

Now select “HSM Performance Pack for Mastercam” in the left menu and click “Add >>”.

Now click “OK” and you will be able to see the HSM Performance Pack icon in the ribbon.

Step 4

Copy the license file to the HSM Performance Pack installation directory normally located at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\HSM Performance Pack for Mastercam

If you wish to use another directory for the license, this can be changed by going to the “About” dialog.

And clicking “Select License” to browse to a different file.