Download HSM Performance Pack

The latest version of HSM Performance Pack supports Mastercam versions X9, 2017 and 2018. A valid license is required to run HSM Performance Pack and a time limited trial license can be aquired by filling out the Request Free Trial form. If you are experiencing problems with the installation, please read the FAQ or contact your local reseller.

Release NotesVersion Archive
  • Reintroduce proper progress reporting for triangulation
  • Make performance improvements for triangulation
  • Fix small memory leaks
  • Convert stl path properly when retreiving it in 2019 with UNICODE support
  • #866 Add an option for single path on flat areas in contour3D
  • #1949 disable "machining angle" in automatic direction mode
  • Add more error messages to license handling
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed #1986.
    • Fixed possible not even steps(for small tolerance) for Contour3D with enabled spirals.
    • Fix for tiny gouges in Contour3D with enabled spirals.
    • Fixed some bugs in Scallop/Hybrid.
    • Fixed bug with holder gouge check.
    • Fixed bugs related to non-zero "axial stock to leave" in Parallel/Radial/Spiral/Project.
    • Fixed axial stock to leave for shallow areas. Passes were below maximum depth.
    • Fixed #1967. Bug in automatic ordering for Hybrid.
    • Fixed possible ordering issues for 5-axit with enabled undercut.
    • Added parameter HT_PARAMETER_CONFINE_DEPTHS. We need support in GUI.
    • More robust way for detecting slices inside stl. Used in 5-axis tilt + undercut.
    • Fixed bug with checked surfaces when 5-axis tilt and undercut are enabled.

Please keep a local copy of the installation in case you need to reinstall HSM Performance Pack at a later time. To install HSM Performance Pack you need to have administrator rights on your Windows installation. Please see our Install Guide here.

After installation is complete, we recommend that you add the commonly used HSM Performance Pack functions to your Mastercam toolbar. See our FAQ on how to do this.

The last installed or repaired version of HSM Performance Pack will be active for the Mastercam versions that are supported.


CIMCO License Manager CIMCO License Manager x64
CIMCO License Manager is a generic license manager which provides support for floating licenses on a local area network.

The license manager requires a floating license and only permanent licenses for Mastercam NetHASPs are issued as floating licenses. CIMCO License Manager is not needed for temporary/trial licenses even when bound to NetHASPs.