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CIMCO Probing supports Mastercam versions 2018 – 2023. A valid license is required to run CIMCO Probing and a time limited trial license can be aquired by going to Request demo version. If you are experiencing problems with the installation, please read the FAQ or contact your local reseller.

Release Notes
  • Added new heidenhain cycles for TNC640. 1410, 1411, 1420.
  • Fixed calculation issue for probing_modify 11004:
  • Fixed Mazak WPC & Extended workoffset numbers.
  • Add option to Suppress I & J commands on 9815/9816 cycles.
  • Add input letters to cycle name for Renishaw.

Version archive

CIMCO Probing
  • Added new heidenhain cycles for TNC640. 1410, 1411, 1420.
  • Fixed calculation issue for probing_modify 11004:
  • Fixed Mazak WPC & Extended workoffset numbers.
  • Add option to Suppress I & J commands on 9815/9816 cycles.
  • Add input letters to cycle name for Renishaw.
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed work offset output for Mazak.
  • Updated maximum tool offset number value. Added automatic tool offset number setting for makino.
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed an issue with 2 points one line missing output for Renishaw
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed a bug with single seat license for Mastercam 2023
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed a bug with multiple machine groups in Mastercam 2023
  • Fixed bug where solid selection would create geometry in Mastercam 2023
CIMCO Probing
  • Added support for Mastercam 2023
  • Fixed various issues for Makino
CIMCO Probing
  • Added additional support for Renishaw
CIMCO Probing
  • Improved stability and various bug fixes.
CIMCO Probing
  • Added Tool compensation for Makino cycles.
CIMCO Probing
  • Added Measureresult output to Makino
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed crash issue with Makino inspection cycles
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed a bug where two point one axis for renishaw would not generate
  • Fixed a bug with width calculation
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed makino work offset releated output
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with missing restart level for probing operations
  • Fixed issue with TooltipCenter Makino
  • Now setting datum with G10 Makino
  • Changed point to use P9728 Makino
  • Added additional functionality to point and rectangle Makino
  • Fixed an issue with swapping probing settings within the post
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed an bug causing mastercam to crash when importing probing operations
  • Added better support for 4k resolution
CIMCO Probing
  • Added MacroVersion to XML section for Renishaw
  • Fixed an bug with toolpath for 4th axis Renishaw
  • Corrected R output for Renishaw cycles
  • Corrected Corner inside start coordinates for Renishaw
  • Corrected Corner backplot to work as stated in Renishaw documentation
  • Changed IF/THEN to use H value instead of V for Renishaw v2018 and later
CIMCO Probing
  • Added IF/THEN for Mikano
  • Added Tooltipcenter for Mikano
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed Z output in 3D Corner for Blum
CIMCO Probing
  • Added missing NCG variables for IF/THEN in Haas_Renishaw
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed an issue where measure result would not output variables for blum
CIMCO Probing
  • Added support for Haas NGC variables
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with cornor for blum
  • Added support for tooltipcenter for blum
  • Fixed issue with saftey distance for blum
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with width calculation for ridge cycles
CIMCO Probing
  • Added proper calculation of ridge width
  • Corrections for older Siemens measure plane output
CIMCO Probing
  • Corrected validation variable for Renishaw measure width cycle
  • Added _ID parameter to older Siemens cycle 998 measure plane output
  • Fixed issue with some post XML settings being reset
CIMCO Probing
  • Corrected cycles number for Renishaw external corner cycle
  • Corrections for Brother Renishaw cycle numbers
  • Corrections for Fanuc DMG Mori output
  • Replaced work offset parameter (S) from Renishaw 4th axis alignment cycle with G10 work offset setting
  • Added post xml option tp specify value type for tool correction parameter in Siemens cycles
    • <ToolCallType>Number</ToolCallType>
    • <ToolCallType>Name</ToolCallType>
    • <ToolCallType>NumberAsName</ToolCallType>
  • Added post xml option to disable probe on/off output by using empty ProbeOn/ProbeOff elements
  • Added post xml option to override tool tip compensation point
    • <ToolTipCenter>Yes</ToolTipCenter>
    • <ToolTipCenter>No</ToolTipCenter>
  • Added Czech translation
  • Added chook version to installer name
CIMCO Probing
  • Enabled surface probing for Makino
  • Removed _ID and added _SETV[2] and _SETV[3] for older Siemens measure plane output
  • Fixed issue with long operation names causing crash
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with wrong value type for Heidenhain parameter Q311
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with modify_tool_plane_origin_local
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with loading legacy Siemens measure plane cycle parameters
  • Added missing K argument for Mazak Renishaw measure 4th axis
  • Added missing _STA1 output for older Siemens cycle 977
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with validation not sometimes not being processed correctly during output
CIMCO Probing
  • Added VCRedist 2012 x64 to the installer
  • Added support for Mastercam 2022 beta
CIMCO Probing
  • Adjusted title on license warnings
  • Added translation for measurement result comment output
  • Corrected toolpath for Siemens measure plane cycle
  • Added option to use tool number for tool adjustment in Siemens cycles, using the post xml setting ToolCallByName Yes/No
  • Added feedrate to G31 moves for Fanuc DMG Mori cycle
  • Correction for Fanuc DMG Mori datum setpoint output
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with incorrect dimension and center for rectangle from chain
  • Added cycle numbers to Renishaw cycle names
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with measuring height in point measurement for Makino, Renishaw and DMG Mori
  • Changed plane match policy for surface probing in the Z-axis direction
CIMCO Probing
  • Displaying clients using licenses in case of no floating licenses available
  • Added DMG Mori cycles for Fanuc
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with Software Manager being installed in wrong directory
  • Fixed issue with probing output being initialized when no probing operation was selected for posting
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with first/second measurement point from geometry for Heidenhain cycle 426
CIMCO Probing
  • Removed W0. from Renishaw measure width cycle
  • Included .Net Framework and Visual C++ Redistributables in Software Manager installer
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with missing variable output for Renishaw measure rectangle
CIMCO Probing
  • Corrected A1 and M3 output for Blum cycles
CIMCO Probing
  • Corrections for Siemens CYCLE978 _MVAR
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue preventing selection of points for ridge geometry
  • Fixed issue with Renishaw measure angle always being Haas format
  • Added Renishaw cycle 'Two Points One Axis'
  • Fixed issue with probing_modify 11004 plane matrix
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with parameter values extracted from geometry for Heidenhain cycle 426
  • Added post XML option ToolNumberQS330, similar to ToolNameQS330 but using the tool number in quotation
  • Fixed issue with Okuma native cycle calls
  • Changed Renishaw true position tolerance to be disabled by default
  • Avoid outputting Renishaw print datum parameter if 'no' is selection
  • Added post XML option VariableRange, allowing for overriding the variable number range used for measurement results
  • Fixed issue with Okuma meas. result being used in output when disabled
  • Enabled measurement results for Okuma Renishaw
  • Fixed issue with rotated plane being created for ridge cycles, when lengths of the selected lines are not equal
  • Fixed issue with loading png resources, resulting in tooltip images not showing
  • Added chook function to release the floating probing license, 'CIMCO Probing Release License'
  • Added DMG Mori Heidenhain cycle 393 TPC Measure Center Of Rotation, specify ControlName 'Heidenhain_DMG_Mori'
  • Corrected Okuma OO20 PHN parameter output
  • Changed output position for Okuma M130 and added M131
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with translation resources all being English
  • Using Renishaw vector cycle variants in case of odd angles when output is generated
  • Added datum setpoint parameters to Renishaw Workpiece Datum cycles
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed missing quotes for Heidenhain QS330 output
  • Corrections for output translation
  • Using measurement depth from cycle defaults for first geometry selection
  • Fixed issue with measurement height input for measure angle cycles
  • Fixed issue with older version of Heidenhain
CIMCO Probing
  • Added missing LBL command in Heidenhain validation goto operation
  • Fixed issue with 'null' output in Siemens cycle 998
  • Correction for parameter in Siemens inspect rib cycle
  • Fixed issue with ignored measurement results in old operations
  • Fixed issue with incorrect plane from ridge geometry
  • Fixed a crash issue with old operations
CIMCO Probing
  • Correction for Siemens cycle 977 variable _MVAR
  • Correction for Heidenhain validation
  • Fixed missing rotary_axis_update flag in Siemens cycle 961
  • Fixed toolpath generation for Siemens corner cycles
  • Fixed issue with post XML settings not being applied when post-processing
CIMCO Probing
  • Added clearance move after cycle call for Siemens measure point cycle
  • Fixed protection zone simulation for Siemens measure angle
  • Fixed issue with Siemens v2.6 output
  • Force reload post XML configuration to allow changes while the software is running
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with P1/P2 in Siemens measure angle cycle
CIMCO Probing
  • Changed Okuma label format to NLAAA - NL000 range
  • Fixed missing whitespace between sequence number and cycle call in Siemens output
CIMCO Probing
  • Corrected measurement result variables for Okuma Renishaw
  • Corrections for Heidenhain and Siemens validation labels
  • Fixed issue with Siemens measure rib protection zone
  • Corrected safe area for Siemens cycles
  • Enabled measurement results for all Siemens cycle categories
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed licensing issue with new type of educational sim
  • Fixed issues with licensing reporting
  • Corrections for Siemens cycles
  • Now using diameter/length offset from operation parameters for automatic re-machining operation tool
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with regenerating Blum/Renishaw cycles
  • Using diameter/length offset from automatic re-machining tool instead of tool number for Blum
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with transformations and relatives
  • Fixed issue with new tool planes being generated when regenerating some operations
  • Fixed issue with Heidenhain validation output
  • Automatically using re-machining operation tool when validation goto op/group is selected
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issues with some Siemens cycles
  • Fixed issue with ball diameter when using custom tool with imported profile
  • Enabled tool tip images for Heidenhain cycles
  • Added Renishaw cycle parameter 'Tool adjustment feedback percentage'
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue preventing load/regeneration of some older operations
  • Disabled incremental cycle geometry parameter behavior for initial geometry selection
  • Added support for Okuma Renishaw cycles
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issues with missing depth parameter for Blum 'outside' cycles
  • Ignoring work offset setpoint in Blum cycles if the shift value is zero
  • Fixed crash issue when deleting all cycles in an operation
  • Fixed an issue with Siemens software version v4.7
  • Considering validation type (position/dimension) for Blum validation
  • Corrections for German translation
  • Added translation for operation name
  • Replaced operation id number in validation comments with operation manager list number
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with tool selection resetting when re-opening operation parameters
  • Fixed missing translation for Heidenhain cycles
  • Added default feedrate to use when feedrate in selected tool is zero
  • Added support for loading ancient operations
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue preventing use of the software when maintenance has expired
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with restart positions being added to the NC program more than once
  • Fixed an issue preventing use on some Siemens post XML settings
CIMCO Probing

New features:

  • Option to re-select tool plane
  • Window select arcs
  • Mask select arcs using CTRL key
  • Measurement result variables numbers are now identical between cycles bydefault
  • Proper geometry association (If geometry is modified, cycles will updateaccordingly)
  • Option to print variable usage in NC program header (See updated post templates)
  • External translation files
  • Generalized probe vendor extension (Cycles are the same for all control whenusing Renishaw or Blum)
  • Generalized probing_effect (e.g. no difference in post processor code forFanuc with Blum/Renishaw)
  • Improved initial cycle parameter values from geometry (Circle segments providebetter initial parameter values)
  • Cycle parameters are linked (Changing certain parameters will adjust otherparameters accordingly)
  • Cycle parameters are now all available in probe nci
  • Added Blum support for Brother, Haas, Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Okuma
  • Added validation support for Blum inspection cycles
  • Preferences and cycle defaults have been moved to Public Documents for sharingbetween Mastercam versions
  • Option to use native control cycles and probe vendor cycles at the same time
  • Display operation comment in validation list
  • License Manager with support for floating licenses
  • Adjusted precision to four decimals on tool diameter shown in tool selectionlist
  • Added 'Force tool change' option


  • Fixed issue with output formatting
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with tool association not being removed when manually changingtool parameter
  • Fixed issues with validations for Siemens
  • Made XML loading case insensitive
  • Setting prb_rotaxis_updated = 1 for Heidenhain cycle 400
  • Fixed output format issue
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with non-unique goto labels
  • Added support for Mastercam 2021
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with safety distance exceeding hole diameter in Heidenhain cycles
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with two X parameters in Haas Renishaw cycle output
CIMCO Probing
  • Expanded Siemens work offsets to G599
CIMCO Probing
  • Corrections for French translation
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue when probing operation contained more than one cycle
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed DropDown parameters not expanding after previous update
  • Fixed operation not being updated when only geometry was selected/deleted
CIMCO Probing
  • Improved chook launch time
  • Fixed issue with movement to X0Y0Z0 between cycles
  • Added filter options to Post XML <Post> settings
    • machdef.filename
    • machdef.description
    • ctrldef.filename
  • Fixed issue with tool parameters changing if user interface was closed using Cancel
  • Added option to use 'PLANE RELATIV' for Heidenhain
CIMCO Probing
  • Corrections for Siemens CYCLE998 parameter sta_
  • Added measurement positioning parameter for Siemens CYCLE998
  • Geometry selection enhancements
    • Selection is not aborted after selecting geometry
    • Multiple cycles can be created by selecting more geometry
    • Selection is aborted by pressing the ESC or RETURN key
    • Surface UV point added to surface probing and plane measurement
    • Surface UV points can be selected by Window selection
    • Surface probing now possible in X- or Y- axis
CIMCO Probing
  • Added option to use tool planes that do not have origin in WCS origin
    • Available as option in Geometry view
  • Modified Renishaw cycles to use feedrate from tool
  • Added G10 rotary axis update to Renishaw measure XY cycles
CIMCO Probing
  • Corrected operation in tutorials using wrong tool
  • Modified validation variables for Siemens, now using _TLL and _TUL
  • Added Rotaxis_Updated probe nci to Haas, Fanuc, Mazak and Brother with Renishaw
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with wrong holder set for the operation tool
  • Added tokens for measurement variables, these are now available to reports/logs
  • Added cycle 'Angle measurement in the X/Y plane' to Okuma
CIMCO Probing
  • Adjusted tolerance for plane matrix calculation
CIMCO Probing
  • Added support for Makino Pro6 cycles
#       <Post>
#          <ControlName>Makino</ControlName>
#          <ControlVersion>Pro6</ControlVersion>
#          <ControlLanguage>English</ControlLanguage>
#      </Post>


  • Added RestartIdRange setting to post XML
#       <RestartIDRange>
#          <Min>1800</Min>
#          <Max>1999</Max>
# </RestartIDRange>
  • Changed Heidenhain Q330 value type to support tool offset number (e.g. TOOL CALL 10.1)
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with font on some systems
  • Fixed angle setpoint for Siemens cycle 998
  • Fixed issue with Haas Renishaw work offset output
  • Added M130 and M131 to Okuma Renishaw
  • Changed user interface for Surface Probing to allow cycle parameter adjustment
CIMCO Probing
  • Added more options to Siemens cycle 988 target axis parameter
  • Added arc geometry selection to DMG cycle 393
  • Fixed 'Type not convertible to int' issue'
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue with probing operation type
CIMCO Probing
  • Adjustments for probe result variables for Siemens Align/Inspect Plane
  • Added Axial/Parallel transitioning option to Siemens Align/Inspect Edge
  • Added support for Brother w/Renishaw
  • Added DMG Cycle 393 to Heidenhain
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue when loading operations created by older version
  • Fixed issue with lines created when selecting 'From Stock'
    • Issue is noticeable when opening part in Mastercam 2020 
    • Affected operations must be recreated in X9, 2017, 2018 or 2019
  • Added clearance, measurement height and safety distance to user defaults
    • These will be used when new geometry is selected
    • If no defaults exist the previous method will be used
  • Added support for Mastercam 2020 Beta
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed UI issues with High DPI settings
  • Added note to Geometry View
  • Added translation for operation name
  • Added operation comment to Tool tab
  • Added Siemens Getting Started tutorial