Example parts

Download the examples below to see within you own Mastercam system the toolpaths created by HSM Performance Pack.

Example parts
3D Pocket10/12/2019mcam5.3 MB
3D Pocket with undercut10/12/2019mcam1.8 MB
Boundaries10/12/2019mcam3.1 MB
Constant Cut10/12/2019mcam1.1 MB
Constant Cut Islands Ramp Facing10/12/2019mcam4.6 MB
Contour10/12/2019mcam1.9 MB
Contour with 5-axis tilt10/12/2019mcam6.4 MB
Contour with 5-axis tilt and undercut10/12/2019mcam8.2 MB
Contour transitions10/12/2019mcam1.4 MB
Drilling10/12/2019mcam1.2 MB
Horizontal10/12/2019mcam682.0 KB
Horizontal smoothing10/12/2019mcam2.8 MB
Hybrid10/12/2019mcam20.1 MB
Parallel10/12/2019mcam4.8 MB
Parallel with Automatic angle10/12/2019mcam741.9 KB
Parallel with 5-axis tilt10/12/2019mcam8.1 MB
Pencil10/12/2019mcam16.1 MB
Radial10/12/2019mcam2.7 MB
Scallop10/12/2019mcam1.8 MB
Scallop star with center passes10/12/2019mcam2.4 MB
Spiral10/12/2019mcam940.8 KB
Swarf10/12/2019mcam3.2 MB