3D Spiral

The Spiral strategy is a finishing strategy well suited for high-quality surfaces in shallow curved geometries. The toolpath follows a spiral with a defined center point and spacing between the spiral passes.

Full Control Over all Parameters

You can control exactly in which region of your geometry the Spiral strategy should be applied, by selecting the inner and outer radius of the operation. Additionally, you can select whether the spiral should be oriented clockwise or counter-clockwise. You can freely configure the lead-in and lead-out moves of the operation. HSM Performance Pack generates lead arcs with optimal smoothness to minimize the tool wear. In addition, both the ramping and linking moves are freely configurable to match your tool, machine and part.

Note that the spiral has a constant spacing in a 2-dimensional plane, and this spiral is projected onto the surface of your geometry. This means that in 3 dimensions, the stepover is not necessarily constant, making the spiral strategy suitable mainly for shallow regions. If you want to machine at a constant stepover at all surface angles, we recommend the Scallop strategy, and if you want to only machine steeper regions, we recommend to use the Contour strategy.