3D Pocket

Pocket is HSM Performance Pack’s 3D roughing strategy for effectively clearing large enclosed areas. Pocket milling clears away the material layer by layer. At each layer, it typically machines starting at the inside of the geometry and then works its way towards the walls where each cutting pass further away from the start resembles the contouring wall as closely as possible. You can select a range in which the horizontal stepover can vary.

You can select the desired way in which the tool enters the stock and moves into lower cutting layers. The options for this include, among others, helixes with controllable radii and ramps. In addition, you can specify a minimum cutting radius to create smoother toolpaths without sharp corners, and you can add finishing passes to a Pocket Milling operation to create a smooth finish of your part. Pocket Milling supports rest machining, so that you can use a smaller tool to machine regions which an initial larger tool could not reach. HSM Performance Pack by default maintains the cutting direction as climb at all times for effective high speed machining, but this can be freely controlled by the user to match your tool and machine.

Full Control Over all Linking Moves

You can freely configure the lead-in and lead-out moves of the operation. HSM Performance Pack generates lead arcs with optimal smoothness to minimize the tool wear. In addition, both the ramping and linking moves are freely configurable to match your tool, machine and part.