3D Parallel

Parallel is a versatile finishing strategy which is usually applied for shallow or relatively flat regions in your geometry. As the name implies, the Parallel strategy rasters along the surface in parallel lines, either back and forth (zig-zag) or in one direction only. This means that when looking at the part from straight above, the toolpath will look like a set of parallel lines in a plane but the tool of course always follows the height of the geometry.

Full Control over All Parameters

You can control exactly in which region of your geometry the Parallel strategy should be applied by selecting a range of slope angles. Furthermore, you can define a machining angle, which means that the toolpath is rotated away from the x-axis. This is frequently done to ensure maximum precision by using all three machining directions simultaneously. Parallel supports rest machining such that you only machine regions which were not machined by previous operations. You can freely configure the lead-in and lead-out moves of the operation. HSM Performance Pack generates lead arcs with optimal smoothness to minimize the tool wear. In addition, both the ramping and linking moves are freely configurable to match your tool, machine and part.