Network License

HSM Performance Pack can be purchased with a floating network licensing system. With a HSM Performance Pack network license, you can install HSM Performance Pack on as many computers as you want. The number of users who can run HSM Performance Pack simultaneously is fixed by the number of purchased licenses.

In the following we will explain how to set up a network license server, and how to run HSM Performance Pack with a floating license.

First, install the HSM Performance Pack license server on a network computer. To do this copy the license server files to a folder on the computer which will run the license server. Then run the HSM Performance Pack license server and when prompted, select the correct keyfile. Click start, which will run the HSM Performance Pack license server as a service on the computer on which it is installed. Therefore, it will automatically start when the computer is booted up. We recommend to run the license server on a computer which is always running during business hours to assure user access to HSM Performance Pack.

To run HSM Performance Pack with a floating license, install and launch HSM Performance Pack on a network computer. Note that the computer must be in the same network as the computer running the HSM Performance Pack license server. Now you can choose the license type, i.e. which level of HSM Performance Pack to run, and which additional features such as data exchange packages to load. The selected license type will be saved for future launches of HSM Performance Pack.

If you wish to change the license type after the first run, you can change the license type at any time in the HSM Performance Pack Options. To do this click on the Tab File and the Application Preferences. Navigate to the section HSM Performance Pack, and select the correct license type.

If all network licenses are in use, access to HSM Performance Pack will be denied.