HSM Performance Pack Options

The HSM Performance Pack Options let you configure the appearance and licensing of your HSM Performance Pack installation. To access the HSM Performance Pack Options click on the file tab in the top menu.

The left-hand part of the options window lists the subsections of the

options, the right-hand part are the options for the selected subsection.

User interface

Show tool tips

Show tool tips displays the little (usually yellow) explanations when the cursor is hovering over a field.

Ask before removal

Ask before removal sets Mastercam HSM Performance Pack to ask the user for confirmation before a critical element within an operation is


Enter as tab

Enter as Tab makes the Enter key also function as the Tab key, jumping to the next field in the dialog.

Choose first key accelerator

Choose first key accelerator makes the accelerator key on the keyboard select the first occurrence of the accelerator key in the dialog when pressed. If this is deselected, the accelerator key on the keyboard will cycle between the fields in the dialog with that accelerator key.

Deny screen saver

Deny screen saver prevents the screen saver from activating while the toolpath is being calculated, so the user can see how far the progress is at all times.

Show generation dialog

Show generation dialog displays a generation dialog while the toolpath is being calculated, with all errors, warnings, information and hints, and a progress bar.


This shows the color-coding of messages in the generation dialog, and

toggles these two options:

Warnings as errors

If the option Warnings as errors is selected, warnings are color-coded as errors.

Show hints

Select Show hints to display hints in the generation dialog and log file.



With the dropdown menu Editor you can select the text editor to be used for displaying text files.

File System

Intermediate file lifetime

The Intermediate file lifetime determines how long intermediate files are kept.

Cache data

With the option cache data you can cache the toolpath data, substantially shortening regeneration time if the changes to an operation do not change the path

of the tool, such as if the feed rate is changed.

Intermediate folder

Intermediate folder is the folder where Mastercam HSM Performance Pack stores intermediate files.

Locale folder

The locale folder is the folder where the alternate language files are stored. If you are translating HSM Performance Pack yourself or modifying the existing translations, then it is a good idea to set this to a different directory from the default directory, as your translation files might otherwise be overwritten when updating HSM Performance Pack.

HSM Installation folder and Mastercam installation folder

The HSM Installation folder and Mastercam installation folder are listed for your information.


Connect to license manager

Connect to license manager makes HSM Performance Pack look for a CIMCO License Manager, in order to obtain a floating license for Mastercam HSM Performance Pack. This option must be checked if you are using floating licenses (only for use with a NetHASP), and must be deselected if you are not using floating licenses. For further information, see the Installation Guide for CIMCO License Manager.

Warn on maintenance expiration

Warn on maintenance expiration makes HSM Performance Pack display a warning when starting up, if the maintenance agreement is about to expire, reminding the user to renew the maintenance agreement.


Beep on completion

Beep on completion causes a beep when the toolpath for the operation has been calculated.

E-mail notification

E-mail notification is used to send an e-mail to the specified e-mail address when toolpath generation has completed for an operation, if the toolpath generation took longer than the specified Minimum completion time. The three fields have to be filled in correctly, of course, and the Send button can be used to send a test message.


Trade more memory usage for less processing time

Trade more memory usage for less processing time reduces processing time at the cost of greater memory use. This should be kept switched on, unless the kernel runs out of memory.

Write operation parameters to NCI section

Write operation parameters to NCI section sets HSM Performance Pack to write 10000’s series NCI parameter lines to the NCI file. You dealer should be able to tell you, whether your post processors uses 10000’s series NCI parameters – If you are in doubt, you should keep this function switched on.


The dropdown menu sets how checks for updates are to be made. This can be set to require manual checks, or HSM Performance Pack can be set to perform automatic checks daily, weekly or monthly. If an automatic check detects that there is a new version available, then the user will be notified of that, and will have the possibility of downloading the new version (the same options also exists when performing a manual check). The automatic check requires that there is an Internet connection available at the time the check is scheduled; otherwise the check is not performed.

HSM Performance Pack can be set to connect to our server to check the date and time - This can be necessary if the time on the PC has to be modified. Only licensing information is exchanged between our server and the PC running HSM Performance Pack.

Aborting/viewing during toolpath generation

If only one operation is being generated, either because you clicked Ok in an operation dialog or because you chose to regenerate a single operation, then the toolpath generation dialog is visible.

With the toolpath generation dialog visible, it is possible to select whether the toolpath generation dialog should close automatically when the toolpath has been generated or not, and the messages from HSM Performance Pack can be seen. It is also possible to abort the toolpath generation, and to view (but not change) the settings for the operation.

If several operations are being generated, then the progress is listed at the bottom of the Mastercam window, and there are two keys that have a special effect if the Mastercam window is the active window. Esc aborts the toolpath generation for the current operation, and Space displays the generation dialog for the current operation.