Install and User Guide

CIMCO Machine Simulation has now integrated with Mastercam. A chook has been developed which allows users to seamlessly export tool and holder data and geometry (STL models) from the Mastercam product into either CIMCO Machine Simulation or Backplot. The following article explains how to download the Mastercam chook and outlines a step by step process of how it is used.

Downloading the Mastercam chook

Step 1: The Download page is where the Mastercam C Hook can be downloaded. No registration is required to download. The Version Archive and release notes can also be found on this web page.

Installing the Mastercam chook

Step 1: Click on the downloaded Mastercam chook to begin the installation process, (CIMCO Integration for Mastercam.exe).

Step 2: A setup window will appear. Select the components you would like to be installed on the Mastercam version that is being used and then select ‘Next’.

Step 3: CIMCO Integration for Mastercam is now ready to be installed. Click ‘Install’ to continue with the installation or click ‘Back’ to change any settings.

Step 4: Open ‘Mastercam’.

Step 5: Add the CIMCO Integration for Mastercam chook to the ribbon by right clicking on the ribbon and selecting ‘Customize the Ribbon’.

Step 6: Locate and select the CIMCO Integration for Mastercam chook, ‘Run CIMCO Edit’.

Step 7: ‘Add’ the chook to a New Group (Custom).

Step 8: Select ‘Ok’.

Step 9: Mastercam chook will be added to the ribbon bar.

Mastercam chook in use

Step 1: Open Mastercam 2021 (or either of the Mastercam versions that are currently installed).

Step 2: Open a Mastercam program that is to be verified within CIMCO Machine Simulation.

Step 3: Select the operations to be simulated within CIMCO Machine Simulation.

Step 4: Choose the Mastercam chook ‘Run CIMCO Edit’ from the ribbon bar. A setup window will open.

Step 5: Under ‘Machine‘ select the drop-down menu and select the machine to use in the simulation.

Step 6: Launch Mode allows users to determine which simulation option to use, Backplot or Machine Simulation.

  1. Machine Simulation = The Mastercam program will be output in CIMCO Machine Simulation.
  2. Backplot = The Mastercam program will be output in Backplot in CIMCO Edit.

Step 7: Tick the ‘Tool call by name’ option to specify whether the tools are called by name or number.

Step 8: Under ‘Workpiece’ and ‘Fixture’, from the dropdown menu choose the option for how the geometry should be determined.

  1. None = No geometry will be selected.
  2. Selected = Select geometry from the Mastercam window.
  3. External STL = Choose geometry from an external folder.
  4. From Level = Select the geometry using the levels.

Step 9: Under ‘Stock’ users can choose the type of stock to be output to Machine Simulation.

  1. None = No stock will be selected.
  2. Stock Setup = Uses the stock definition from Mastercam.
  3. Selected = Select stock from the Mastercam window.
  4. External STL = Choose a stock STL from an external folder.
  5. From Level = Select the stock using the levels.

Step 10: Under ‘Translation‘, input the values for the position of the geometry in relation to the machine zero, X > Y > Z.

Step 11: The automatic alignment calculates a bounding box from the selected workpiece/fixture/stock and aligns the models/work offset to the specified direction. Under ‘Alignment’ use the dropdown menu to select the specified direction.

Step 12: The Work Offsets setup informs the chook of what work offsets are going to be used in the program. It can then apply the translation + automatic alignment to the specified work offsets. Right click and select ‘Add’ to create a work offset.

Step 13: The ‘Setup File’ is generated after launching to Machine Simulation or Backplot. The setup file includes all of the command lines relating to the machine selection, geometry chosen, tools/holders, work offsets and stock. Under ‘Setup File’ users can choose the directory to which the setup file will be saved.

Setup File:

  1. NC file directory = Same location as the generated NC file
  2. User directory = The Mastercam user directory “MyMastercam”
  3. Other = User specified location

Step 14: Under ‘NC File’ users can choose the directory to which the NC file will be saved.

NC File:

  1. Use system settings = The path specified in the Mastercam program will be used
  2. Other = User specified location

Step 15: Once the setup is complete, Select ‘Launch’. The Mastercam program will be output to either Machine Simulation or Backplot, depending on the selection made.