CIMCO Edit Integration for Mastercam enables users to seamlessly transfer tool, holder and geometry data directly from Mastercam to CIMCO Edit making it available for use in CIMCO Machine Simulation or Backplot.

The CIMCO Edit Integration provides an easy-to-use dialog that allows the user to select geometry, workpiece and fixture, enter a position for the selected geometry and which machine to use in CIMCO Machine Simulation.

Every time data is transferred, all geometry is automatically exported to STL models and imported in CIMCO Edit – something that would otherwise be a manual process. Make a small adjustment in Mastercam and easily update CIMCO Machine Simulation or the Backplot in CIMCO Edit.

CIMCO Verify – New application with more features

Transferring tool, holder and geometry data from Mastercam to CIMCO Edit can now also be achieved with CIMCO Verify. Our new and powerful application that offers the same functionality, but with more features and flexibility.

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  • Accelerate onsite start-up
  • Faster iterations
  • Utilize the powerful functionality of CIMCO Machine Simulation or Backplot in conjunction with Mastercam
  • Export tool, holder and geometry data
  • User-friendly


CIMCO Edit Integration is a chook that can be installed on the following Mastercam versions:

  • Mastercam 2024
  • Mastercam 2023
  • Mastercam 2022
  • Mastercam 2021
  • Mastercam 2020
  • Mastercam 2019
  • Mastercam 2018
  • Mastercam 2017
  • Mastercam X9