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CIMCO Edit Integration
  • Will now try do use default Machine Simulation directory, if reading from registry fails
CIMCO Edit Integration
  • Added support for cylinder stock aligned on X- & Y-Axis
  • Added support for Mastercam 2021
CIMCO Edit Integration
  • Fixed issue where not all tools used in the selected operations where includedin setup file
  • Fixed issue with value limits for Translate
  • Saving default settings to registry with association to machine definitionand post processor
  • Added option to use tool names in setup file
CIMCO Edit Integration
  • Added automatic alignment based on bounding box of all geometries
  • Added support for rectangle, cylindrical and stl stock
  • Added support for work offset
  • Changed launch routine allowing setup file modifications by post processor
CIMCO Edit Integration
  • Fixed issue with system units not being applied to geometries
  • Modified holder ID to tool number instead of holder name