New video shows Hybrid toolpath

We have added a new video that demonstrates how to use our powerful and time-saving Hybrid toolpath strategy to finish different parts.

Force machining at specified z-level

A look at the option to force machining at specified z-levels.

HSM Performance Pack introduces new Drilling strategy

The new drilling strategy has been developed to provide users with advanced capabilities including holder avoidance and rest machining.

HSM Performance Pack 2020 publicly available

We are proud to announce the public release of HSM Performance Pack 2020 which is available for purchase as of today.

Machining collapsed areas with Constant Cut

A look at the option “Ramp islands” which enables more accurate machining of collapsed areas.

HSM Performance Pack introduces Hybrid Strategy

The new Hybrid strategy combines the advantages of Contour3D with the Scallop and Parallel strategies enabling users to easily create cutting passes for both steep and shallow areas in a single operation.

Automatic angle detection with Parallel

Parallel’s “Automatic angle” automatically determines the optimal machining angle when machining shallow areas.

Center passes for Scallop

A look at the useful option “Add center passes” available for Scallop in HSM Performance Pack.

Toolpath control with boundaries

HSM Performance Pack includes several options for controlling the containment of a tool’s motion during machining.

Toolpath smoothing and simplification for Pocket and Horizontal

In this post we will look at some of the options, included with the Pocket and Horizontal strategy, which enables smoothing and simplification of toolpaths.