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CIMCO Probing supports Mastercam versions X9, 2017 and 2018. A valid license is required to run CIMCO Probing and a time limited trial license can be aquired by filling out the Request Free Trial form. If you are experiencing problems with the installation, please read the FAQ or contact your local reseller.

Release Notes
  • Added Z-Axis option for Heidenhain cycle 420.

Version archive

CIMCO Probing
  • Added Z-Axis option for Heidenhain cycle 420.
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed MP6140 (Additional safety distance) not being used for Heidenhain.
  • Removed LMD restriction, the probing chook can now be used with lathe machines.
  • Toolpath generation modified to use feedrates from tool definition.
  • Added Show only lollipop mills checkbox to tooltab.
  • Added Select single surface points option to Surface Probing.
CIMCO Probing
  • Added new line for Heidenhain CYCLE 10.
  • Adjusted Siemens CYCLE998 parameters _RA and _KNUM for version v2_6 and older.
CIMCO Probing
  • Hot-Fix for translation issue when regenerating older version.
  • Updating parameter values after right-click selection.
CIMCO Probing
  • Fix loading of Probing cycles generated by older version.
  • Fix toollist selection issue.
  • Added filter to toollist to only show tools from active machine group.
  • Updated translation for German.
CIMCO Probing
  • Fix Tool diameter not updating after editing tool.
  • Fix ProbeEffect variables not being updated for Siemens.
  • Updated Swedish translation.
CIMCO Probing
  • Fix for Invalid designation of mode message.
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed issue in Surface probing causing crash when re-selecting surface points.
  • Improved Automatic plane selection, planes already used in active machine group will be preferred.
  • Added Probing effect samples to documentation and templates.
    • Probing effect variables are used in the post processor to re-call work offset after it was updated by a probing cycle.
  • Added Custom log feature, similar to Surface probing log routine.
    • Logging routines are added to the post XML section.
    • Logs can be filtered to only show in certain cycles. (Cycles section in documentation)
CIMCO Probing
  • Probing resources now included in installer (C:\Program Files(x84)\CIMCO PP\CIMCO Probing\).
  • Fixed default values for misc values.
  • Fixed string probing parameters not updating properly when changing between cycles.
  • Added Siemens control versions
    • Siemens S828D
      • v2_7
      • v4_4
      • v4_5
      • v4_5_SP2
      • v4_7
      • v4_8_SP1
    • Siemens S840Dsl
      • v1_5
      • v2_6
      • v2_7
      • v4_4
      • v4_5 (Default)
      • v4_5_SP2
      • v4_7
      • v4_8_SP1
      • v4_8_SP2
  • Added new parameters to Siemens cycles
    • Probe-technology
    • 3D aligned or default measurement
    • Rough and Fine shift
    • Number of measurements
  • Added support for Solid edges and faces.
  • Added surface probing support for following controls
    • Siemens
    • Haas
    • Fanuc
    • Mazak
CIMCO Probing
  • Mastercam X9 stability changes.
  • Fanuc w/Blum changes
    • Additional work offset G54.1 P1-P48 added.
    • Optional safety distance added to Outside ridge.
    • Corner 2D/3D XY offsets adjusted.
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed rectangle cycles Height/Width bug.
  • Fixed crash when copying probing operations in Mastercam X9 and 2017.
  • Changes to Fanuc w/Blum.
    • Ball radius offset removed from safety distance.
    • A1 (Absolute position) removed from P9703, as A1 is default and therefore unnecessary.
    • A1 (Absolute position) removed from Workpiece datum cycles, using incremental positioning instead.
    • X/Y-Offset parameters added to corner cycles.
    • Added optional safety distance for Outside Diameter
    • Diameter 3-point angle limits corrected to 0/360
CIMCO Probing
  • New cycles and probe interfaces added.
    • Mazak w/Renishaw
    • Haas w/Renishaw
    • Fanuc w/Renishaw
  • Cycle DropDown list replaced with categorized menu.
  • CheckBox added to support optional cycle parameters.
  • Fixed bug resulting in incorrect tool being selected when reopening an operation.
  • New post processor section for all interfaces. (Version 1.7 and above still functional)
    • Control version can be changed during posting.
    • Probe cycles can be shifted and rotated.
    • Create custom Surface Probing print routine output with XML.
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed measuring direction bug in Heidenhain cycle 409.
CIMCO Probing
  • Fixed feedrate on arc transitions.
  • Fixed toolplane info written to nc.
  • Better cleanup when associated entities are deleted.
CIMCO Probing
  • Improved arrows showing surface normal in Surface Probing (No more flickering).
  • Fixed toolpath display when WCS is not top plane.
  • Fixes to associative entities database management.
CIMCO Probing
  • Improved (and fixed) rectangle chain selection. It can now also be used to measure other shapes.
  • Improved tool plane selection.
    • Tool planes will face towards camera view.
    • If possible, a tool plane reachable by only two rotations will be used (Z -> X Rotation).
  • Added toolplane settings to geometry selection menu.
    • Automatic tool plane selection (Existing planes will be used if possible).
    • Toolplane settings are saved/loaded from default settings.
  • Added toolpath color settings to geometry selection menu.
    • Color settings are saved/loaded from default settings.
  • New defaults for measurement height, clearance and safety distance.
    • Measurement height: Selected geometry - Tool cutter radius * 2
    • Clearance: Selected geometry + Tool cutter radius * 4
    • Safety distance: Tool cutter radius * 2
CIMCO Probing
  • Geometry selection buttons has been replaced with Geometry list.
  • Users are now able to create multiple cycles in the same operation.
  • Cycle parameters can be adjust by using mouse scroll.
  • Toolpath is now displayed on the screen while editing cycle parameters.
CIMCO Probing
  • No release notes available for this version.
CIMCO Probing
  • No release notes available for this version.
CIMCO Probing
  • No release notes available for this version.
CIMCO Probing
  • No release notes available for this version.
CIMCO Probing
  • No release notes available for this version.