Version archive

HSM Performance Pack
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed #1868, #1887, #1889.
    • Fixed ordering bug in spiral scallop.
    • Fixed #1861. Improved ordering for Hybrid.
    • Fixed #1891. Avoiding touching surface with flute when 5-axis tilt is enabled.
    • Fixed tiny gouges after 5-axis tilt.
    • Fixed bug in spiral creating when "fail" or "detect length" were enabled for holder.
    • Performance improvement for minimum and shortest retracts. Faster liking for pocket in some case.
    • Supporting different directions for steep/shallow areas in Hybrid.
    • Supporting depths in Hybrid.
    • Improved 5-axis tilt for Hybrid.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed gouges in 5-axis retracts.
    • Fixed gouges after 5-axis tilt.
    • Improved 5-axis tilt.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed #1857, #1859, #1860, #1867.
    • Fixed possible gouges in 5-axis linking.
    • Fixed rare bug in slicer. Gouges were possible.
    • Fixed #1881 and #1877. User can control points distribution after 5-axis tilt.
    • Fixed #1869. Supporting machining angle with enabled automatic directions in Parallel.
    • Improved performance for 5-axis tilt.
    • Improved performance and quality for centerpasses.
    • Performance improvement for contact boundaries (#1865).
    • Fix #1825. Cutting passed were below endDepth if negative axialStockToLeave was used.
    • Fix #1828. Possible crash when rest + avoid stock is used.
    • Fix #1829. Ignoring holder pieces(just increasing flute length) in some cases.
    • Fix #1830. More precise trimming against contact boundaries in Parallel/Radial/Spiral.
    • Fix #1832. Move even distribution for shallow passes.
    • Fixed #1833.
    • Fixed algorithm for skipping small cavities. It could leave cores inside them and produce gouge as result.
    • Fixed some bugs in Scallop with slope angles.
    • Fixed some issues in shallow/steep areas. Improved performance for shallow/steep areas.
    • Improved performance for filtering ideal circles.
    • Support for automatic directions(inside boundaries groups) in Parallel.
    • Support for steep areas in Parallel.
    • Improved bull/flat tools support in Scallop.
    • Added "loop" linking into Scallop. We need it in UI.
    • Fixed rare "no passes to link" bug in Parallel/Radial.
    • Fixed validation bug for "loop" transitions in Scallop.
    • Fixed bug with axial stock to leave in Hybrid.
    • Added center passes support in Hybrid.
  • Add Hybrid strategy in Beta mode
  • Add support for saving holder libraries
  • Add support for creating a new holder library
  • Show tilt parameters in tool tab only in pre-2019 versions
  • Arrange tool GUI as not to waste space
  • Fix "Get z value from geometry" feature for depths
  • #1524 Add holder tab. Available in Beta
  • #1854 Remove "Select holder" from Tool tab
  • #1851 Fix access violation when creating tool
  • #1836 Remove holder from tool tab
  • #1853 Move "holder" options to holder tab
  • #1864 Add support for multiple selection of chains
  • #1870 Add theoretical tool option to all supported strategies
  • #1835 Make all tool parameters "read only" in HSMPP
  • #1856 Add advanced display colors for toolpath
  • #1852 Update GUI for Hybrid strategy
  • #1850 Fix crash when create holder produces no holder
  • #1839 Add checkbox "automatic machining angle" to Parallel
  • #1844 Add transition type "Loop" to Scallop
  • #1843 Ignore untrimmable surfaces
  • #1840 Add check box "Add centerpasses" to Scallop and Hybrid
HSM Performance Pack
  • #1816 Fix shallow arrow trimming gui
  • #1746 Add depth cuts to Pencil UI
  • #1811 #1798 Fix rest machining
  • #1815, #910 Remove restrictions on rest operations
  • Don't set initial tilt angle parameter
  • Remove old scallop from gui. Both "Use new Scallop" and "Slopy boundary" checkboxes.
  • Update HTSimulation
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed issues and improvements for 5-axis tilt.
    • Fixed ignored check surfaces for shallow areas.
    • Fixed issues with setting correct core/cavity type for contours in ConstantCut.
    • Fixed EPSILON issue in box creating inside Voronoi diagram. Could produce various problems in 2D offsets.
    • Fixed some bugs in Scallop with machining angles.
    • Improved ideal circles detection in filtering.
    • Added support for adding center passes into collapse areas in Scallop. Added HT_PARAMETER_ADD_CENTERPASSES, we need in in UI.
    • Hybrid strategy switched on new scallop and works now. We need GUI for it.
    • Fixed bug in pencil ordering for "full part" offset.
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements in Scallop.
    • Generating boundaries using holder in Scallop with holder trim option.
    • Fixed some bugs in Hybrid strategy.
    • Fix #1820. Applying stock to leave to holder.
    • Fix #1821. Using non smooth connection for leads in some cases.
    • Fixed possible crash in filtering appeared in previous version.
    • Improved filtering for ideal circle case.
    • Added steep area support for Parallel. Need GUI for it.
HSM Performance Pack
  • #1316 Remove "Perpendicular lead" and horizontal lead parameters in Facing
  • #1784 Add "pull away" holder mode for Parallel, Radial and Spiral
  • #1771 Add "fan distance" and remove "initial tilt angle" from 5-axis tilt area in Pencil
  • #1805 Allow for more than one stock boundary
  • #1768 Add "fan distance" to 5-axis tilt setting for Contour3D (same as for Parallel)
  • #1806 Disable rough stl generation
  • Fix NCI error when tilting with planes
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed #1787, #1804, #1807, #1808, #1792, #1800, #1802, #1803
    • Fixed 5-axis linking issues.
    • Fixed bug in Voronoi diagram. It could produce some 2D offsets issues.
    • Fixed not working interrupt and progress in 5-axis tilt.
    • Fixed wrong trimming(possible gouges).
    • Fixed missed helices on flat areas when undercut is enabled.
    • Fixed performance issue in cavity detection.
    • Improved performance in Voronoi diagram. Some Pocket and Horizontal operations might work 10x faster.
    • Lead2DLinker::leadFits() is not used for flat areas in Pocket.
    • Fix #1793. More precise trimming.
    • Improved and fixed 5-axis tilt.
    • Bug fix for machining angles. Bug fix for boundary smoothing.
    • Fixed rest for undercut + tilt case.
    • Supporting machining boundaries in Pocket3D with machining from outside.
    • Fixed asserts and potential problem in undercut linking.
    • Fixed bug with flat areas in Pocket3D when machining outside is used.
    • Fixed helix direction for passes with reversed ordering in pocket.
    • Disabled performance improvement for 5-axis tilt (rough stl as it produced unnecessary trimming in some cases).
    • Fixed some issues in 5-axis linking.
    • Fixed linking near check surfaces.
    • Fixed bug in lead-ins (possible break between lead-in and cutting path) in Contour3D.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Change major version number to 19
  • 1780 Add predrill positions to operations
  • 1790 Add "Trimming" option to holder check for pencil
  • 1791 Resize "Machine shallow areas" so it doesn't overlap "Trim shallow areas"
  • 1795 Disable Opening cuts when Allow undercut is disabled
  • 1789 Set minimum cutting radius for Pocket
  • 1777 Add support for theoretical tool in Constant Cut
  • 1794 Fix stepdown in Parallel
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed #1062, #1635, #1675, #1766.
    • Fixed some bugs related to zigzag ramp in Pocket/Contour.
    • Performance improvement for zigzag and helical ramp in Pocket/Contour.
    • Fixed bug in trimming. It could cause missed paths or gouges.
    • Fixed bug in 5-axis leads. Might have problem with enabled axial/radial stock to leave.
    • Major update for 5-axis tilt. Better performance and quality. This requires some testing.
    • Fixed #1781.
    • Fixed bug with missing helical ramps in Horizontal.
    • Bug fixes and toolpath quality improvements for Scallop with machining angles.
    • Improved avoid stock algorithm # 1783.
    • Fixed fillets for flat and bull.
    • Improved rest machining on flat areas in Pocket, Horizontal and Contour3D.
    • Fixed bug in 5-axis tilt. Smoothing could be not applied.
    • Fixed flat area issue for undercut in ConstantCut.
    • Fixed possible gouge in transition.
    • Fixed bug in 5-axis tilt. Possible gouges.
    • Various improvements and fixes for undercut roughing.
    • Performance improvements for slicer.

Known issues: 5-axis tilt could produce small spikes. It mainly happens for Pencil and Scallop because of points distribution. I have to improve smoothing. It'll be included in next version.

HSM Performance Pack
  • #1756 Update UI to use fan distance in scallop tilting
  • #1748 Set selected geometry chains to Curve by default
  • #1757 Move checkbox for HT_PARAMETER_INCLUDE_BOUNDARIES_IN_TOOLPATH to general, because it affects both angle and height restrictions
  • Add parameter validation to Project
  • Fixes related to 2019 upgrade
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed issues in linking for roughing with undercut.
    • Fixed bug in 5-axis gouge check (possible gouges in 5-axis toolpaths).
    • Fixed #1754.
    • Fixed ordering issue for Contour3D with enabled shallow areas.
    • Updated 5-axis transitions.
    • Updated 5-axis tilt algorithm for Scallop. Requires changes in GUI. See #1756.
    • Fixed wrong shortest retracts after tilt (#1751, #1752).
    • Fixed some bugs in Scallop.
    • Added slope and check surface boundaries smoothing in Scallop. It is not finished, but I think we should enable machining angles in UI for new scallop in beta to be able to test it.
    • Fixed #967, #1497, #1498, #1512, #1634, #1755, #1760.
    • Fixed a lot of issues in "undercut" roughing (Pocket3D and ConstantCut3D).
    • Fixed #1759. Possible gouge after 5-axis tilt.
    • Fixed possible gouges and crashes in Contour3D with enabled "spiral".
    • Fixed #1753. Need GUI update for Spiral and Radial strategies.
    • Improved handling "abort" and "progress" in 5-axis tilt.
    • Various improvements for 5-axis tilt.
    • Added support for contact boundaries in Scallop.
    • Improved machining angles in Scallop. This needs testing now so we need to enable (undim) machining angles in UI for new Scallop.
    • Added HT_PARAMETER_BOUNDARY_SMOOTHING_TOLERANCE for Scallop. We need it in UI when "Machine areas using boundaries" check box is checked.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed #1743.
    • Fixed bug in constant cut when using machine from inside + rest.
    • Fixed some bugs in rough/finish turning.
    • Improved 5-axis tilt for Contour3D.
    • Using new approach for 5-axis tilt for Contour3D with enabled "spiral".
    • Improved performance and fixed some issues in 5-axis tilt.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed several issues with "avoid stock" option for holder.
    • Fixed various issues and improved tilt for Contour3D/Parallel/Radial/Spiral.
    • Fixed Scallop crashes reported by testfarm.
    • Improved toolpath quality in Scallop.
HSM Performance Pack
  • #1730 Provided KEEP_TOOL_DOWN_DISTANCE to HTKernel in Spiral contour strategy
  • #1731 Set smoothing value for scallop to 0 as default
  • #1732 Output warning when smoothing value in Scallop is more than 1/2 of stepover
  • Fix bug where rest tool diameter/corner radius wasn't saved in Pocket
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed #1734, #1736, #1739.
    • Fixed not smooth toolpath after tilt for Contour3D.
    • Fixed ordering issue in Scallop when starting from inside.
    • Various improvements and fixes for tilt in Contour3D/Parallel/Spiral/Radial.
    • Improved Scallop toolpath: fixed wobbliness and improved collapse areas handling.
    • Using new Scallop for Pencil offset. This needs some testing.
    • Added support for keep tool down in Scallop.
HSM Performance Pack
  • #1729 Add "Use new Scallop" checkbox
  • Fix check surface issue in Pencil
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed possible infinite loop in tilt for Contour3D.
    • Fixed issue in slicer when undercut + tilt were used.
    • Automatic search for safe retract point in case of undercut + tilt has been added. Some passes could be not linked in previous versions.
    • Improved tilt for Contour3D.
    • Supporting keep tool down distance in Contour3D with enabled spiral.
    • Performance and memory usage improvements for Scallop.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Add rest machining tab to scallop in beta
  • #1487 Subtract corner radius from end depth
  • #1714 Add rest machining based on "previous tool"
  • #1697 Constrain radial stock to leave to > (-cutter radius) and axial > (-flute length)
  • #1717 Remove constraints from start/end angles
  • #1716 Make it possible to set smoothing value to zero
  • Update Scallop
    • Pencil offset performance rework. It is 3-4 times faster now (depends on model and parameters). The quality and stability should not change.
    • Minor general scallop speed up
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixes for zigzag ramp in 2D-pocket (reported by Frank).
    • Fixes for wobbliness in Scallop, improved parametrization.
    • Performance and memory usage improvements for Scallop.
    • Performance improvement in slicer when avoid stock and rest machining is used.
    • Performance improvements for gouge check.
    • Fixed #1721, #1722.
    • Improved trimming for holder.
    • Improved swarf.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Fix linearization of arcs out of plane
HSM Performance Pack
  • #1695 Add support of trimming against checked surfaces in scallop
  • Add checkbox for "Use HTKernel" in scallop so it's possible to switch between kernels (Beta)
  • Disable all linearization in the HTKernel
  • Update Scallop
    • Added support of trimming against checked surfaces (issue from "Scallop goes through part" email from Thomas)
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed potential ordering issues in Pocket3D and Horizontal.
    • Improved smooth/linear transitions for Contour3D with enabled tilt.
    • Improved trimming performance.
    • Updated 4-axis tilt algorithm for Parallel.
    • Fixed some bugs related to holder support in Swarf.
    • Added Scallop strategy. We need a check box "Use HTKernel" in Scallop UI. See Parameters.txt for list of parameters. All supported except machining angles.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed #1687.
    • Fixed #1679. Improved "perpendicular fill" in Parallel.
    • Fixed possible repeating passes when shallow areas are enabled.
    • Fixed #1693. Ordering problem in pocket. As result some passes could be skipped in linking.
    • Performance improvement when shallow areas and avoid stock are enabled together.
    • Added support for not "optimized ordering" in Parallel/Radial/Spiral/Project.
  • #1694 Move linearization parameters out of beta
HSM Performance Pack
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed #1672, #1676, #1682, #1684, #1685.
    • Rapid retract fix for 2D-constant cut.
    • Wrong lead move fix for Pocket.
    • Fixed bugs causing wrong directions of pencil passes.
    • Fixed ordering after tilt for pencil and scallop.
    • Fixed possible stepover issues in Pocket.
    • Fixed bug in slicer (possible gouge in some special cases)
    • Fixed possible holder collision with stock on flat areas (when avoid stock is enabled)
    • Fixed problems when "avoid stock" and "undercut" are enabled.
    • Improvements for "avoid stock" option.
    • Decreased OPTIMAL_LOAD lower bound to 1% of the tool diameter.
  • Update Scallop
    • Ticket #1636 - Missing pencil offset for vertical boundaries - fixed
    • Ticket #1664 - Scallop crash (contours issue)
HSM Performance Pack
  • #1594 Move "style" in Spiral to beta mode
  • #1614 Update "Help" in HSMPP
  • Update HTSimulation
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed several issues in linking when "undercut" is enabled.
    • Improved linking for when "undercut" is enabled.
    • Reduced memory usage by slicer for some parts.
    • Added support for machining angles in pencil for centerlines and blend offset mode (#1635). It is not supported for scallop offset mode (Normal and Trim), has to be done inside scallop dll.
HSM Performance Pack
  • #1628 Add "opening cut" check box to Pocket3D in beta
  • #1629 Add "allow undercut" to ConstantCut3D in beta
  • #1573 Add "fit arcs" to Parallel/Radial
  • #1631 Move tilt for Contour to stable
HSM Performance Pack
  • #1592 Set Swarf chaining tolerance to 1/10 strategy tolerance
  • #1588 Fix stepdowns bug in horizontal
  • Add check surface support to Spiral, Radial, Project, Parallel and Facing
  • Update Finnish translation file
  • Set keep tool down distance for Swarf
  • Update Scallop
    • #1584 Fixed crash
HSM Performance Pack
  • #1568 Save feed and speed in operation
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed trimming(slope angles, contact boundaries and perpendicular fill) issues in Parallel.
    • Fixed "perpendicular fill" in Parallel. It requires more testing.
    • Better spiral detection. Support for outside->in spirals.
    • Added HT_STRATEGY_DROPDOWN and dropDown3D() API function. It is used for testing purpose now.
  • Update Scallop
    • [Ticket #1561 - Gouge in spiral scallop] Fixed. This ticket is related to incorrect retract system. There will be a complete update of this system soon (I ll try to send the new dll this week).
    • [Ticket #1559 - Problems in toolpath for scallop] Improved quality in problematic collapse areas such as in this tickets.
    • [Ticket #1564 - Bad stepover distribution in spiral scallop] Made some improvements in stepover distribution. However it didn't fix this particular ticket. I will write a separate explanation about this ticket in comments in Trac system. It is related to the extreme stepover to straight toolpath length ratio of 0.0001.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Add beta kernel folder option
  • Update Scallop
    • #1465 Improved overall ordering and reduced the amount of retracts. It also fixed spiral step consistency.
    • #1401 Fixed spikes
    • #1393 Improved transitions consistency
    • #1501 Fixed missing offset (incorrect toolpath type to pass to pencil linking)
    • #1521 Fixed cycling in pencil
    • #1471 Fixed several cases of cycling and freezing in general scallop
    • #1423 Scallop now automatically avoids empty spaces like holes in detail and surrounding area.
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed some bugs in swarf.
    • Fixed issues with minimum cutting radius for open paths.
    • FIX #1401. Distance to entry points is measured in 2D now for Parallel/Radial/Spiral.
    • FIX #1555. Not working slope angles for Parallel/Radial.
    • Fixed bug with not obeying safe distance in some cases.
    • Added support for ordering from bottom to top in Contour3D/Pocket3D/Horizontal.
    • Added support for "perpendicular fill" in Parallel.
    • Updated Vroni to 6.7.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Fix Pencil icon shortcut bug
  • Version number rollback related to issue in build server
HSM Performance Pack
  • Update Scallop
    • 1394 Stepover 9x more then provided for small part
    • 1393 Bad transitions in scallop and last collapse path is too small - (partly fixed)
    • 1392 Spikes in scallop on vertical areas
    • 1382 Distance is bigger than stepover
    • 1381 wobbly angle limitation boundary
    • 1380 Scallop missing passes in some areas
    • 1379 Scallop making spikes
    • 1378 Scallop missing passe on top (the model has wobbly geometry, the path on top is the offset of two wavy toolpathes, so that's why it is not continuous. the toolpath from op1 from other software behaves similarly)
HSM Performance Pack
  • Fixed compatibility with old files
  • Added support for Mastercam software license
HSM Performance Pack
  • #1407 Set TRANSITION_RAMP_TYPE for Radial and Spiral
  • Remove "Use HTKernel" option in beta and always use HTKernel for Radial, Spiral and Parallel
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed bug with trimming on top when axial stock to leave is used for Parallel, Radial and Spiral.
    • Fixed bug with not working transitions types for Parallel, Radial and Spiral.
    • Fixed lead gouges in Parallel found by testfarm.
    • Improved contact boundaries for Parallel, Radial and Spiral.
    • Improved ordering for Parallel, Radial and Spiral.
    • Added support for contact boundaries and machining angles when "undercut" is enabled for Parallel, Radial and Spiral.
    • Improved "spiral" mode for Contour3D.
    • Updated vroni
HSM Performance Pack
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed #1284
    • Fixed shank/holder clearance validation for undercut tools.
    • Fixed possible missing transitions in Contour3D when axial stock to leave isn't zero.
    • Fixed wrong ordering in Pocket3D with enabled "from outside".
    • Fixed wrong trimming(machining boundaries, holder and e.t.c.) in Contour3D with enabled "spiral".
    • Added support for shallow areas in undercut.
    • Various improvements for Contour3D with enabled "spiral".
    • Faster slicer for some tools.
HSM Performance Pack

Fixed #1247, #1246,#1245 and #1232

HSM Performance Pack
  • Update RapidKernel
    • Fixed #1177 and #1174
  • Update Scallop
    • ticket #1156 (unwanted offset on walls and missing offset) fixed
    • minor tweaks of 1 point boundary support system
    • minor tweaks of toolpath sharp angles
  • Avoid formatting problem that results in invalidation of "0.0" float values
HSM Performance Pack
  • Add fillet generation to beta mode
  • Fix full part bug in Pencil
  • Update Scallop
    • Ticket #1078 (Pencil transitions is bad because of toolpath is running zig zag) reported by Thomas is fixed
    • Ticket #1063 (Pencil machine wohle path missing some paths when too many steps) is partly fixed (not a final fix). Note that it is only occurs when both spiral and unlimited offset are set.
    • minor performance improvements
HSM Performance Pack
  • Add normalization of nested boundary trees. Fix for #964 and #965.
  • Update Scallop
    • missing offset on the bottom of some vertical paths bug fixed (ticket #1029)
    • freeze issue fixed (ticket #1028) - cannot reproduce this issue with new dll, please check
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed #1025, #1027.
    • Fixed bug with missing flat areas.
    • Fixed bug with rough paths for small tolerance in SpiralContour.
    • Fixed bug with failed transitions for Contour3D. #1030
    • Fixed possible gouges for tapper tool on flat areas. #1031
    • Fixed bug in arc filtering. Some arcs haven't been created in filtering.
    • Performance improvements for slicer.
    • Added new parameters for toolpath linearization: HT_PARAMETER_LINEARIZATION_MIN_RADIUS, // double, >=0 HT_PARAMETER_LINEARIZATION_MAX_RADIUS, // double, >=0 HT_PARAMETER_LINEARIZATION_MIN_CHORD_LENGTH, // double, >=0 HT_PARAMETER_LINEARIZATION_TOLERANCE, // double, >=0 Updated enum HT_LinearizationType to allow keeping only horizontal/verticalXZ/verticalYZ arcs, see HTKernel.h.
    • Added HT_PARAMETER_MACHINE_WITH_SPIRAL allowing spiral offset for pencil, set to 1 by default. Not sure if it should be always spiral or we need a checkbox in UI.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Add Pencil steep areas machining.
  • Add open horizontal machining.
  • Fixed zero-point bug in NCI.
  • Improved Pencil ordering.
  • General performance improvements.
  • Several bug fixes.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed some critical bugs.
    • Fixed #935, #937.
    • Updated rest machining for 3D-pocket/3D-contour. It uses slice from rest stl as trim boundary. It requires testing, not sure if result is better then with old approach.
    • Fixed a lot of problems in open horizontal (not working boundaries, climb/conventional issue some linking issues). It requires testing.
    • Known issue : open horizontal supports only simple transitions right now.
    • Fixed "uneven" steps for external corners in slicer. Performance is the same as before. maybe even slightly faster. It uses less memory now. It requires testing.
    • Fixed possible gouges in spiral contour and other bugs.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Fix external STL issue
  • Fix axial stock to leave issue
HSM Performance Pack
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed some critical bugs.
    • Fixed #907, #914, #929, #932.
    • Added HT_PARAMETER_SLOPE_ANGLE used by pencil. Default value is 90deg.
    • Open horizontal is properly implemented now, it requires some testing though.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Add support for solid surface selection
HSM Performance Pack
  • Add check to determine if license is legacy
HSM Performance Pack
  • Update Scallop
    • Stock-to-leave bug fixed
HSM Performance Pack
  • Update Scallop
    • Freezes and hangs fixed
    • Missing offsets partly fixed
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed some critical bugs.
    • Fixed #913, #919, #920.
    • Fixed some linking issues for tilt in 3D-contour.
    • Fixed uneven steps problem for spiral contour.
    • Improved corner cuts for constant cut (#907). It does not work for some cases though, improving it.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Filter machining boundaries for zero length segments and zero angles.
    • Inadvertently fixed offset problem, where offsetting sometimes produces more boundaries than what is input.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Updated HTKernel
  • Bitangency angle is inversed
HSM Performance Pack
  • Fixed bug with tools. New tool and edit tool caused corrution.
  • Added up, down an both ways to Pencil.
  • Fixed rest from stl file.
  • Fixed error with mouse scroll in some Pencil fields.
  • Transition ramp angle is 15 deg as default now.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed some critical bugs.
    • Fixed #888, #889, #890, #893, #903.
    • Fixed uneven steps problem in slicer.
    • Added support for HT_PARAMETER_MACHINE_FROM_INSIDE for pencil with offset. We probably need this option in UI. It is set to 0 by default so it machines outside in.
  • Add fit arcs parameter.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Fixed permanent license bug
  • Added some missing locales
HSM Performance Pack
  • Add stepover parameters to Pencil in beta mode.
  • Update Scallop
    • (main) added support of pencil offsets. Now it should be possible to test this new feature.
    • fixed some minor issues with lead in/out and linking
    • adjusted angle limits
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed some critical bugs
    • Linking for tilt enabled. Not finished.
    • Added support for HT_PARAMETER_START_DEPTH, HT_PARAMETER_END_DEPTH in pencil. Please make sure they are properly set in PPack by default, see #887.
    • Added support for offset in pencil by calling scallop dll. You must have updated scallop dll which is not yet ready. Danil promised to send it out as soon as he fixes some issue related to pencil support. Use HT_PARAMETER_FINISHING_MAX_STEPOVER, HT_PARAMETER_FINISHING_MAX_STEPS to enable it. We need these parameters in rapidcam UI. Added possibility to set HT_PARAMETER_MAX_STAYDOWN_RADIUS to 2D/3D constant cut.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Update HTKernel
    • Fixed some critical bugs.
    • "Flat area" support in spiral contour. We need only check box for this option without stepover parameters. It's different from Contour3D as spiral contour adds only one paths above flat areas.
    • Fixed various bugs is spiral contour.
    • Performance improvements for spiral contour. It should be about 2x times faster comparing to previous version.
HSM Performance Pack
  • Remove 'N' from sim mubers, and whitespaces from list of sims